I am feeling spontaneous so I am listing one of my favorite/largest paintings that I have ever done for sale for a limited time. I believe that it is # 12 out of my 2017 series on large canvases, & it measures approximately 8' tall x 4' wide, done with different types of acrylic paints & oil pastels.

Can You Pheel It? - Zerox

I AM (Canvas Painting)

SKU: 0000004
    • Once the purchase has been made on any painting, all sales are final. 
    • But more firmly, once it is out of my hands, & into the postal services, it is no longer my responsibility. I will always do my best while packaging & make sure to label the hell out of everything to make sure that they know to take care of it during all stages of delivery. I wouldn't anything that I spent all of my time & money on to get messed up any more than you would want to waste any of your money. So we're on the same side regarding a safe delivery & arrival of your purchased items. However, I'm just a starving artist so I am not able to offer refunds.
  • Local pickup preferred; Portland Oregon. Otherwise we can work something out & make accomodations.