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Who am I, & what is the Phonk?

In the grand scheme of things, I am just another person you may or may not notice walking down the road or sitting somewhere inconspicuously in my own world, & my intentions are not to put my face in front of yours. Rather, I am placing my own thoughts where I can in order to spark up some sort of light inside each & every person that I am able to reach. To many different people, the word Phonk can mean many different things, & I'm trying to play off of that idea a bit. Because I want to spread it to as many different kinds of minds as possible. So for me, when I think of the word Phonk, I think of the creative passion that lives & breathes within myself, & so many other vivid individuals that are out there somewhere. Speaking from personal experience inside my own mind, I know that at times it can be way too easy to simply continue thinking about all of the things that you want to make or do with your time, instead of actually taking the hours & energy out of your day to start those first steps. But, knowing that the ideas inside of your own head will never have a chance to be seen or heard if you don't personally take the time & effort to bring them to life can be the constant motivation that is needed to start moving forward with your ideas. With that being said, as just another individual trying to make the most out of my days in a productive manner, I would like to remind you to take more time to pursue the things in life that you are passionate about. We are all trying to make the most out of our life, so apply the Phonk within yours, & carry with you whatever thoughts you find to be relevant along the way. Everybody needs support in different ways, & you taking the minutes to read my thoughts right here, right now, is a form of it in itself. So keep on keeping on, & remember to Feel the Phonk!



So all in all,

please remember:

"Time is not quite kind enough to let us rewind it. This means every tick & tock is either in front or behind us. So please think your thoughts through & try to make them the wisest. For you can manifest your intentions if you put the effort forth to try it".

-Just another person

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